About us

1988 A&C opens the first artisan frame workshop and a small art gallery with works by local artists.

Over the years, our interest in the world of art has grown thanks to the direct and familiar relationship with the artists themselves. The common interest and passion has led to the creation of increasingly important events such as the setting up of exhibitions at museums and public bodies.

2019 The experience and the relationship with numerous artists and collectors have laid the foundations for further developing the business of trade in works of art also with the aid of auction sales. After the first two traditional face-to-face auctions, we landed on digital platforms specialized in the creation of web auctions.

Latest exhibitions

Gian Paolo Berto

Lorenzo Puglisi

Giorgio Chiesi

Hermann Nitsch

Jean Gaudaire-Thor

Paolo Pallara

Gianni Borta

Tommaso Cascella

Federico Zanzi

Vanni Spazzoli