How to participate

Participate online

To participate online and deposit an offer in the pre-auction, you must register on our website, by clicking on the button top right “login”. A login mask will open, scroll down and click on “are you not registered? click here”. It will appear. Then a registration form to fill will appear. Once you have filled in and clicked the register button, you will receive an email with a link to click to confirm registration. Clicking on the link, you will be addressed to your user profile to complete the form with the required data.
We also remind you that our auctions are broadcast live on the following platforms:

Bid form

The “Bid form” allows you to:
  •  confirm the auction base and deposit the maximum bid on interest lots even without telephone participation in the auction.
  • agree on telephone participation in the auction with or without confirmation of the auction base bid.
Telephone participation in the auction is possible subject to agreements with the auction house, which consist in the indication of the lots of interest and calling back the bidder, by our staff, at the opening of the indicated lots to participate directly in the lots bid rises.